ASTM B777-99 class2 Tungsten Alloy Brick

ASTM B777-99 class2 tungsten alloy brick has high density and good ductility, the elongation of its sintered state can reach 10%~15%. After vacuum or atmosphere dehydrogenation treatment, its elongation can be increased to 20%~30%, which is mainly used in counterweight and military fields.

The properties of ASTM B777-99 class2 tungsten alloy brick are:
ASTM B777-99: class2
Matrix: 92.5%
Density: 17.15~17.85g/cc
Hardness Rockwell Max: 33HRC
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 110 KSI and 758MPa
Yield Strength (0.2% offset): 75 KSI and517MPa
Elongation: 5%

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