Tungsten Copper Rod Wear Resistance

Tungsten copper rod wear resistance is also called as abrasion resistance or durability, which refers to the capability of rubbing against sand paper, and represented by the reciprocal of wear rate (dt / dV or dL / dV).

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tungsten copper rod picture

tungsten copper rod picture


Since different friction materials and test conditions, it can be represented by wear index or the consumption of abrasion tester (g/cm2) or its reciprocal. In addition, it refers to the resistance of coated layer to mechanical action, which actually embodies the hardness, the adhesion, cohesion of the coated layer. Under the same conditions, the coated layer has better performance in wear resistance than metal materials, because the viscoelastic effect can buffer, absorb and release the energy. Usually use abrasion tester under certain load and specified speed grinding to obtain coating weight loss in grams.

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