Ø6x200mm Tungsten Copper Rod

Ø6x200mm tungsten copper rod with diameter of Ø6mm and length of 200mm, the general diameter tolerance is ±0.5mm and length tolerance is 0 to +5mm. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity, arc ablation resistance and high material erosion rate, especially in the corrosion of molds made of tungsten steel and high temperature resistant super hard alloys.

Ø6x200mm tungsten copper rod picture

Ø6x200mm tungsten copper rod picture

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Ø6x200mm tungsten copper rod is made of fine high-purity tungsten powder and high-purity tungsten-copper powder. It is made by static pressure forming, high-temperature sintering and copper infiltration. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity and arc ablation resistance.

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