Ø12x200mm Tungsten Copper Rod

Ø12x200mm tungsten copper rod with diameter of Ø12mm and length of 200mm, the general diameter tolerance is ±0.5mm and length tolerance is 0 to +5mm. High-density Ø12x200mm tungsten copper rods used as high-temperature components such as gas rudders, nozzles, throat linings, and nose cones that are ablated and washed by high-temperature, high-speed airflow such as rockets and missiles.

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Ø12x200mm tungsten copper rod picture

Ø12x200mm tungsten copper rod picture

The high-density Ø12x200mm tungsten copper rod can also be used as a tank cover for tank armor-piercing projectiles, an extended-range tail nozzle, and a track material for an electromagnetic gun. With the development of the aerospace industry in various countries, the demand for tungsten-copper materials for high-temperature use will also increase significantly.

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