Ø14x200mm Tungsten Copper Rod

Ø14x200mm tungsten copper rod with diameter of Ø14mm and length of 200mm, the general diameter tolerance is ±0.5mm and length tolerance is 0 to +5mm. It can be applied to heavy-duty sliding friction, high-speed and moving solid seals. Various instruments require non-magnetic, low expansion, high elastic modulus, shielding and other special requirements.

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Ø14x200mm tungsten copper rod picture

Ø14x200mm tungsten copper rod picture

Ø14x200mm tungsten copper rod has excellent heat resistance and good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. At the same time, it has the same thermal expansion coefficient as silicon wafer, gallium arsenide and ceramic materials. Under certain conditions, the relative content of tungsten and copper can be controlled to adjust its various contents.

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