W80 Tungsten Copper Plate

W80 tungsten copper plate is composed of 80% W and 20% Cu so that high hardness and melting point characteristics of tungsten is more obvious. Its density is up to 15.15g/cm3, hardness reaches more than HB140, but due to less Cu, conductivity is decreasing to 34%IACS, softening temperature is ≥900℃,the bending strength is 980, the thermal conductivity is 190-210(wm/k) and the coefficient of expansion is 8.0-8.5(10-6K).

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W80 Tungsten Copper Plate Picture

W80 Tungsten Copper Plate Picture

W80 tungsten copper plate can be used as rocket, missile and other components with high temperature and high-speed airflow ablation, such as gas vane, spray tube, throat insert, nose cone and so on. In addition, it also can be used as EFP linear of armor piercing, nozzle of range-extended, orbit material for electromagnetic gun.

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