W75 Tungsten Copper Bar

W75 tungsten copper bar is composed of 75% W and 25% Cu, which not only has high density (14.50g/cm3), high hardness (≥HB195), high strength, but also has good conductivity (%38IACS), softening temperature is ≥900℃, thermal conductivity coefficient is between 200-230 (wm/k) and the coefficient of expansion is 9.0-9.5 (10-6k).

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Tungsten Copper Bar Picture

Tungsten Copper Bar Picture

With the perfect arrangement of W and Cu, tungsten copper W75 rod provides a best way to solve the deformation in some small precision machining. And mixed with Fe properly, which tungsten copper can adsorb on magnetic workbench and it is convenient for grinding and cutting. Compared with other methods, its products have better roughness and size precision, especially in large flat electrode machining.

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