Tungsten Copper Nut Electrode Cap

Tungsten copper as the end face of the nut electrode cap, ensuring that the electrode has high hardness and high electrical conductivity, and the bottom chrome-zirconium copper has high electrical conductivity. The tungsten copper nut electrode cap has a much higher life surface than the chromium zirconium copper nut electrode cover.

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Tungsten Copper Nut Electrode Cap Picture

Tungsten Copper Nut Electrode Cap Picture

Tungsten copper nut electrode cap and chrome-zirconium copper adopt unique technology. Tungsten copper and chrome-zirconium copper are formed at one time to avoid the problems of excessive resistance, weak soldering and low welding strength caused by brazing, and retain the wear-resistant tungsten copper. Characteristics. Chromium-zirconium-copper is a material with high electrical conductivity, high hardness and high thermal reversal coefficient. The joints have no holes, voids and maintain high electrical and thermal conductivity. The workpieces processed by our unique tungsten-copper-copper composites have a long service life.

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