Tungsten Copper for Switch

Tungsten copper alloy is used as a nozzle for missiles and rocket engines in aerospace, gas rudder, air rudder and nose cone. The main requirement is to require high temperature resistance (3000K~5000K) and high temperature airflow scouring ability, mainly using copper at high temperature. The sweating and cooling effect of the volatilization (copper melting point 1083 ° C) reduces the surface temperature of the tungsten copper and ensures the use under high temperature extreme conditions.

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Tungsten Copper Electrode Picture

Tungsten Copper Electrode Picture

The circuit breaker is one of the most important high temperature switchgears in the system. When there is a serious fault in the system, the circuit breaker is tripped by the relay protection device to remove the fault to maintain the stability of the system. According to the arc extinguishing medium, the circuit breaker is mainly divided into oil circuit breaker, compressed air circuit breaker, vacuum circuit breaker and SF6 circuit breaker.

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