Tungsten Alloy Bullet

Tungsten alloy bullet has advantages of strong penetrating power, high hit rate and good toughness as the warhead of the bullet is made of high-quality tungsten alloy that has characteristics of high density, high strength, high hardness, small thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, and good mechanical processing performance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Tungsten alloy can be processed into large-diameter or small-diameter warheads.

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At present, tungsten alloy, which is also called tungsten heavy alloy, is the most suitable material for fabricating warhead. And tungsten alloy is the most popular warhead material as well. That is because tungsten heavy alloy has the above-mentioned excellent characteristics. Besides, it is also due to its low toxicity. Therefore, people now mostly use tungsten alloy warheads on shotgun bullets, and gradually abandon the use of toxic lead warheads. For military defense, tungsten alloy bullets are also gradually replacing lead bullets and steel bullets.

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