Tungsten Carbide Spiral Fluted Reamer

Tungsten carbide spiral fluted reamer is a type of rotary cutting tool used in metalworking. And there are many other different types of reamer and they may be designed for use as a hand tool or in a machine tool, such as a milling machine or drill press. It is ideal for tight tolerance applications.

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Tungsten carbide spiral fluted reamer is used in blind and through-hole operations. It provides good wear resistance and can be used in general purpose applications for both ferrous and nonferrous materials. And it is excellent for reaming brass, aluminum, all steels, stainless, and bronze, etc. It increases chip flow in softer materials such as aluminum, wood and plastic. Spiral flutes have the advantage of clearing the swarf automatically but are also available with straight flutes as the amount of swarf generated during a reaming operation should be very small. And left hand spiral is ideal for better roundness and reaming holes with intersecting side holes or other features.

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