Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blade

Tungsten carbide cutting blade is manufactured by selecting high-quality raw material, adopting excellent technology, and processing by high-precision equipment. It is ideal for cutting fiberglass sheets, non-ferrous metal, miniature moldings, plastics, and other difficult-to-cut materials. Such cutting blades vary in shape, depending on their applications.

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Characteristics and Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blade
1. Selection of high-quality raw materials: Select excellent materials, sintered at high temperature and low pressure after high-precision molding, the blade has higher precision and is more durable.
2. Adoption of excellent technology: The blade has high hardness, sharp edge, good wear resistance, relatively long service life, and is not easy to rust.
3. Processing by high-precision equipment: Adopt high-precision equipment, the processing accuracy is high, the finish is up to the mirror effect, the hardness is high, the quality is good, the life is long. And it is smooth and free of burrs.

ChinaTungsten Online supplies you with different tungsten carbide cutting blades of different blade types, diameters and thicknesses according to your requirements and drawings.

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