Tungsten Carbide Non-standard Blade

Tungsten carbide non-standard blade has been widely used in cutting paper, carton, rubber, plastic, aluminum foil, packaging materials, film, chemical fiber, textile, etc. They have different shapes and different uses.

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Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Non-standard Blade
1. Leaving a better surface finish of the product.
2. Less dust and more accurate cuts due to reduced friction.
3. Better efficiency in high-heat and high-speed applications.
4. Improved toughness and greater wear resistance.
5. Better durability of the cutting edge.

While tungsten carbide is much more wear resistant and several times denser than steel, it is also more susceptible to breakage. So, the production of thin tungsten carbide blades is much more complicated.

Tungsten carbide non-standard blades manufactured and sold by ChinaTungsten Online have excellent quality of high precision, high hardness, high smoothness, sharp edges and long working life. Also, we provide you standard tungsten carbide blades with high quality at competitive prices.

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