Tungsten Carbide Flat-end Milling Tool

Tungsten carbide flat-end milling tool has the advantages of sharp cutting edge, high surface finish, fast chip removal, high cutting efficiency, long-lasting stability, low cost and long life.

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tungsten carbide flat-end milling tool image

Tungsten carbide flat-end milling tool adopts anti-vibration design, and the cutting edge is extremely sharp to achieve high feed processing, thereby improving efficiency. And the tungsten carbide tool uses coating technology, so that the surface hardness is higher and wear resistance is better. Also, it is more heat resistant and oxidation resistant with small friction coefficient. Besides, it uses standard straight shank and can effectively suppress chatter during processing. In addition, it adopts precise and smooth chamfering, so that is can effectively avoid scratching.

Well, what is tungsten carbide? Tungsten carbide is a composite material containing hard particles composed of tungsten carbide, along with softer, metallic binder material used to hold the particles in place. It is a very hard and dense material, generally used to form and shape other materials in processes like forging and machining.

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