Tungsten Carbide Thread Milling Cutter Applied for Machining Small Diameter Thread

Tungsten carbide thread milling cutter fabricated with ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide is specially designed for machining small diameter thread. Such a thread milling cutter has advantages of high hardness, excellent wear resistance and durability, so that it reduces the number of blade replacements, thereby improving production efficiency.

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tungsten carbide thread milling cutter applied for machining small diameter thread image

Tungsten carbide thread milling cutter for machining small diameter thread also have the following advantages:
1. Suitable for high-speed cutting;
2. Extremely sharp, very small cutting resistance;
3. Short processing time, improving efficiency;
4. The processed high precision thread is smooth without burrs;
5. It is not easy to break like a tap, so that the workpiece is not easy to break;
6. The minimum thread that can be processed is M1.4×0.3 (the diameter of the bottom hole is only 1.1mm);
7. The stepped thread in the blind hole can be machined to the root.

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