Tungsten Carbide Coolant Feed Drill

Tungsten carbide coolant feed drill has 1 or 2 through-hole or double spiral hole and uses compressed air and cutting fluid to cool tool and take chips away. It is particularly suitable for the deep-hole drilling with great cutting heat.Tungsten carbide coolant feed drill mainly consists of drill tip, chip groove, spiral groove, run-out groove, handle and cooling hole.
Drill tip: In drilling process, it endures the most part of thrust and torque, which directly affects the quality and the service life of drill;
Run-out groove: It is transitional surface of the spiral groove surface and the outer surface of the drill bit, which mainly used for chipping and can remarkably improve the surface quality and the efficiency.

There are some outstanding characteristics  of tungsten carbide coolant feed drill:
1. When drilling steel, please ensure that a sufficient amount of cooling and the use of metal cutting fluid;
2. Good rigidity of drill pipe and guide clearance can effectively improve the drilling accuracy and extend the service life;
3. Ensure the flatness and the cleanness between magnetic base and the workpiece;
4. Strengthening the workpiece when drilling sheet or drilling large workpiece;
5. Use compressed air to contribute chipping instead of using coolant when drilling powder materials, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc;
6. Timely remove the chips on the drill to keep the charging smooth.

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