Methane Partial Oxidation and Ammonium Metatungstate Synthesizing Tungsten Carbide Supported Cobalt Nickel Catalyst

Partial oxidation of natural gas for preparing synthesis gas is an important intermediate link for realizing the transformation of natural gas, while the researching and development of efficient catalyst is the key. As the main component of natural gas, the new synthetic route of methane as alternative energy for manufacturing high value-added liquid chemicals and other organic chemical is attached great concerns all around the world.

The preparation of tungsten carbide supported of cobalt nickel catalyst by the synthesis gas made from methane partial oxidation is as follows:
1. Respectively prepare the aqueous or alcohol solution of soluble nickel and cobalt salt, and the ammonium metatungstate (AMT), as well as the oxide additive of ethyl orthosilicate alcohol solution;
2. Mix the solution obtained in step 1 uniformly to get the mixture which contains 5 ~ 10 wt % of ammonium tungstate the;
3. Lead the mixture obtained in step 2 into the spray dryer with stirring for spray drying, to get hollow spherical cobalt salt and nickel salt, ethyl ethyl orthosilicate and H2WO3 particle precursor;
4. Drying to obtain the CoNi/H2WO3 catalyst precursor modified by silicon;
5. Roast, reduce and carbonize the precursor get in the step 4 in the reduction carbonization atmosphere of the mixture of methane and hydrogen carbide, then cool down the product to room temperature under the protection of inert gas after the reaction, to finally get tungsten carbide supported of cobalt nickel catalyst.

In this invention, an oxide additive is introduced into the CoNi/tungsten carbide catalyst to modify the surface of the carrier, and thus to promote the active component dispersed on the surface of the carrier, moreover to strengthen the force between the active component and carrier, and improve the ability of resistance to carbon deposition of catalysts, solve the problem of the catalyst active component sintering, easy to loss and other problems; this kind of catalyst has the properties of high activity and stability, long service life. The successfully implementation of this plan has provided a new idea for natural gas replacing oil to manufacture high value-added chemicals, and also widened the application field of ammonium metatungstate.

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