Tungsten Dioxide

Tungsten dioxide is also known as brown tungsten oxide, which is named as it appears as brown monoclinic system crystalline powder.

It is the chemical compound with the formula WO2, a density of 10.82~11.05g/cm³. CAS No. is 12036-22-5.
WO2 is soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid, but is insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid and alkali solution.

Because WO2 is unstable and easily oxidized to tungsten trioxide in the air, it is usually used to prepare tungsten trioxide and tungsten powder instead of being sold directly.

tungsten dioxide picture
How to produce?
Step one: Reduction reaction. Reduction of tungsten trioxide with H2 (With saturated steam) at 900 degrees Celsius.
Step two: Mixing tungsten powder and tungsten trioxide with a molar ratio of 1: 2 and heating to 950 degrees Celsius under vacuum.

Packaging is used iron drums, lined with plastic bags or 100/200kgs net weight woven bags.

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