Tungsten Powder

Tungsten powder is pure tungsten in powder, and usually used as material for tungsten product.

Tungsten powder is apparent black powder, cubic crystal, polygon particle shape. Its melting point is 3400 ℃, boiling point is 5555 ℃. The regular granularity is 2~10um.
In addition to impurity content of the tungsten powder has certain requirements, the oxygen content to be controlled within a certain range. The performance of tungsten powder has a direct impact on the production of tungsten materials and the quality of tungsten powder metallurgy products, especially the impact of purity and particle size.tungsten powder picture
Classification of Granularity
Tungsten powder are classified according to purity and granularity, as well as for different uses. The granularity of tungsten powder is mainly divided into coarse, medium and fine. The content of impurities is based on China's standards .

Tungsten powder is usually used as material for tungsten product. Its application involves machining, mining, geological drilling, construction tools, bulb lighting, military engineering and other fields.

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