High Activity Nanometer Tungsten Powder

High activity nanometer tungsten powder is nanometer tungsten powder with high purity, high hardness, high proportion and good fluidity. It is commonly used in powder metallurgy and high temperature resin, or as shielding material.

Common Specifications: 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh;
Fess: 3.5~2.6μm, 2.5μm, 1.5μm;
The particle size suitable for spraying : 150~300 mesh, 200~400 mesh, and so on.high activity tungsten powder picture

High activity nanometer tungsten powder can be used raw material additive of high performance high proportion alloy powder (adding amount from 30% ~ 50%) and tungsten bars , tungsten raw material, more can be used as the raw material of high-performance alloy tungsten powder.
It can significantly improve the alloy performance, at the same time reduce the sintering temperature and shorten sintering time, saving the cost of production.
High activity nanometer tungsten powder with special pore structure can be used as a raw material of nanometer tungsten carbide for the preparation of nanocrystalline cemented carbide.

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