High Purity Tungsten Powder

High purity tungsten powder is a kind of tungsten powder with a purity of at least 99.99%, which can be used in special high-temperature devices, large scale integrated circuits, and semiconductor transistors.

Chemical Composition
The contents of tungsten elements can be 99.99%~99.999%, and the total content of all impurity elements should be controlled between (0.1 ~ 1000) x 10-12.

High purity tungsten bar, tungsten rod, tungsten electrode, tungsten wire, high purity tungsten flake, tungsten plate, pure tungsten and tungsten titanium sputtering target material.high purity tungsten powder picture

High temperature resistant devices with special requirements;
As a pure tungsten element added in precision alloy casting;
The high purity tungsten powder and its silicide can be used as the resistive layer and diffusion barrier layer.
In metal oxide semiconductor transistor as door material and connection material, etc.

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