Doped Violet Tungsten Oxide

Doped violet tungsten oxide (VTO, W18O49) is the VTO product obtained by doping modification with a better property, like gas sensitive, catalyzing and others. Studies have indicated that doping is the excellent method to modify W18O49.doped violet tungsten oxide picture
The common seen doped violet tungsten oxides are V-doped violet tungsten oxide, Mo doped violet tungsten oxide and Ti doped violet tungsten oxide. They show their own unique properties as the doping elements are different. Here are a few examples, as listed below:

1. When V-doped violet tungsten oxide nanowires contacts NO2, it will show abnormal p type response property, and show obvious sensitive response and good stability to thin PPB level NO2 gas.

2. Mo doped violet tungsten oxide, as catalyst, has been proved to have excellent catalytic and hydrogen producing activity.

3. Compared to the pure phase VTO, Ti doped violet tungsten oxide has more electron transfer in the NO2/Ti-W18O49 system, which indicates that the Ti doping improves the gas sensitivity of violet tungsten nanowires.

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