Mo Doped Violet Tungsten Oxide

Mo doped violet tungsten oxide, or Mo-W18O49, can be synthesized by hydrothermal method. The Mo-W18O49 can be applied as the catalyst in manufacturing hydrogen with a very high activity. Why does molybdenum doping can increase the hydrogen activity of Mo-W18O49?

After doping Mo, violet tungsten oxide, as a catalyst, whose hydrogen production activity is improved because the doping of Mo increases the active sites of catalyst, since the approximate 3D microstructure composed of one-dimensional nanowire can not only help electronic transmission, but also further improve the interfacial charge transfer rate so that it improves the activity of the catalyst to produce hydrogen.Mo doped violet tungsten oxide picture
From its electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Mo-W18O49 can effectively reduce the charge-transfer resistance, increase the electron conduction rate and accelerate the hydrogen production, making Mo-W18O49 catalyst have excellent catalytic activity.

In theory, the gibbs free energy of Mo doped violet tungsten oxide is similar to that of Pt, which also suggests that Mo-W18O49 has a very high activity.

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