Ti Doped Violet Tungsten Oxide

Ti doped violet tungsten oxide refers to the crystal lattice of VTO doped Ti (titanium atoms) to form a new type of crystal lattice.

Ti doped W18O49 nanowire has good sensitivity and selectivity to NO2 gas. NO2 adsorbs on the surface of the tungsten oxide nanowire as an electron acceptor. It captures electrons from the conduction band of nanowire, resulting in a decrease in conductivity of the nanowire and a gas-sensitive response.Ti doped violet tungsten oxide picture
Compared with W18O49 nanowire (pure phase), there are more electron transfer in adsorption system of Ti-W18O49 nanowire, which theoretically quantitatively reflects the effectiveness of Ti doping to improve the gas sensitivity of W18O49 nanowire.

Ti doping changes the surface electronic structure of the W18O49 nanowire, introducing additional impurity density and significant changes in the band structure near the Fermi level, changing the band gap of the doped nanowire and the Fermi level position. And the conductivity of nanowire improves.

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