Spherical Tungsten Carbide Powder

Spherical tungsten carbide powder has good flow property and wear resistance. It is an important thermal spraying material, which can be prepared by ultra-high temperature melting gas atomization method.

Compared with ordinary tungsten carbide powder, spherical tungsten carbide powder has two prominent features: First, first, the appearance is spherical, the powder fluidity is good, and the surface quality of the workpiece is good.; Second, the grain size of powder internal is fine, hardness large, better wear resistance of the coating.

spherical tungsten carbide powder pictureApplications
As the important thermal spraying material, spherical tungsten carbide powder is playing an increasingly important role in aerospace, electronic information, electricity, energy, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, and machinery industries.

Ultra-high temperature smelting gas atomization method is a method with low production cost, large output, high controllability of prepared powder particle size, and high degree of industrialization. It is the preferred technology for preparation of spherical tungsten carbide powder.

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