Casting Tungsten Carbide Particle

Casting tungsten carbide particle has good fluidity, wettability, toughness, high hardness, dense internal microstructure and fine and uniform crystal grains. It is an important hard surface material and can be prepared by plasma rotating electrode atomization method.

Casting tungsten carbide particle is an important hard surface material, playing an increasingly important role in the surface wear protection of power components, energy, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery and other industrial components.

casting tungsten carbide particle picturePreparation
Casting tungsten carbide particle prepared by the plasma rotating electrode atomization method are dense inside, almost free of defects, and the eutectic structure is finer. The deviation of the total carbon content from the theoretical value of eutectic carbon content is the smallest, the free carbon content is the lowest, and the impurity content is relatively low.

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