Cesium Tungsten Bronze Nanopowder

Cesium tungsten bronze nanopowder may absorb infrared rays and may be used for preparing transparent heat insulation coating.window glass coated with cesium tungsten bronze nanopowder picture
Preparation of Cesium Tungsten Bronze Nanopowder

400kg of sorbitol was heated and dissolved in a jacketed reactor and tungstic acid and cesium sulfate were added. The mass ratio of tungstic acid and cesium sulfate was 1:0.33. The mass of sorbitol was 3 times the total mass of tungstic acid and cesium sulfate. Stir at high speed for 30min, and pump into a homogenizer for cycle homogenization for 60min. Then, pump the product into a high pressure reactor that has been heated to 150°C and set the rotation rate to 180r/min. Close all valves of the high pressure reactor until the material is completely transferred. Gradually increase the temperature of high pressure reactor to 350°C, keep it for 600min, cool down to 150°C, release the reaction products, add deionized water into the reactor, and pour the materials into the filter press. Wash with deionized water and absolute ethanol until the sulfate content is lower than 100mg/kg, and the ethanol content is greater than 80%. Put the filter cake into a vacuum oven and dry it, and then perform mechanical comminution and fluid energy milling to obtain nano cesium tungsten bronze.

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