High-purity Cesium Tungsten Bronze Nanopowder

High-purity cesium tungsten bronze nanopowder may be prepared by solvothermal liquid phase method in a 1500L reactor. Before that, there has been no report on the production of cesium tungsten bronze nanopowder by completely liquid phase method. Many studies have reported that wet chemical liquid phase methods, such as hydrothermal method, solvothermal method and high-temperature pyrolysis method may be used to prepare cesium tungsten bronze nanoparticles. However, they all have the disadvantages of high costs, serious corrosion to equipment, high pressure, and low safety factors.high-purity cesium tungsten bronze nanopowder picture
Why not adopt solid phase method to produce high-purity cesium tungsten bronze nanopowder?
Although this process has the advantages of simple operation and batch stability, the cesium tungsten bronze prepared has larger particles (usually on the order of micrometers), which make the haze of the coating larger, and finally affect the optical effect of the coating. Therefore, the powder should be ground in high-end dispersion equipment for a long time to make the particle size smaller than 100nm. It means the cost is greatly increased. In addition, the use of high-risk hydrogen in the reduction process also increases costs.

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