Potassium Cesium Tungsten Bronze

Potassium cesium tungsten bronze has formula of KxCSyWOz, where x+y≤1 and 2≤z≤3. If the particles of KxCSyWOz are nano particles. The particles are useful as near-infrared (OTR) absorbers and/or heat shielding additive (may be prepared by a plasma torch). And the additive may be applied in organic or inorganic substrates, such as plastics, paints, enamels, inks, adhesives, ceramic or glass.potassium cesium tungsten bronze picture
The potassium cesium tungsten bronze particles exhibit properties of a solid solution. I.e., they are uniform and present in a single structure. Elemental analysis for composition can be measured by a combination of inductively coupled plasma and atomic absorption spectroscopy. By high resolution microanalysis of X-ray energy dispersive spectrometry combining with powder X-ray diffraction analysis to confirm the configuration of particles produced are single-phase K/Cs solid solution represented by KxCsyWO3, instead of two separate K and Cs bronze phase.

A Method for Producing Potassium Cesium Tungsten Bronze Solid Solution Particles
Mix a suitable tungsten source with a salt of potassium and a salt of cesium to form a powder mixture and expose the powder mixture to a plasma torch under a reducing atmosphere.

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