Sodium Polytungstate

Sodium polytungstate has been found to be used as heavy-liquid to separate and concentrate materials by density with the deepening of research. For example, it can be used to separate the worn carbon composites in brake pads.

Sodium polytungstate is a kind of inorganic heavy-liquid with the characteristics of high density and cyclic utilization. And it is nontoxic and easily prepared. Also, the sodium polytungstate density separation operation is simple and stable, and most importantly the physic-chemical property of matter will not change.Therefore, the heavy-liquid has been widely applied in geology, soil science, and marine biology.sodium polytungstate picture
Application of Sodium Polytungstate in Density Separation
1. In marine biology, it is used for separating the microorganism and organic matter in sediments.
2. For soil science, it is applied to separate the soil aggregation particles, organic matter, and humic acids.
3. In geology, it is used for separating the mine and rock, providing a new way for the separation of micro-fine simple mineral.

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