Industrial Grade Sodium Tungstate

Industrial grade sodium tungstate is also known as technical pure (TP) sodium tungstate, whose purity is lower than that of guarantee grade (GR), analytical grade (AR), chemical purity (CP) and laboratory purity (LR). These grades are classified in accordance with different uses. The TP sodium tungstate is suitable for the laboratories which are not so strict on the purity requirements.industrial grade sodium tungstate image
There are many ways to control equipment corrosion in industrial cooling water systems, among which adding corrosion inhibitors is one of the important methods. This method is not only convenient and cost-saving, but also has strong applicability. Common corrosion inhibitors for cooling water are chromates, nitrites, and phosphates, which are mostly toxic. As people's demands for environment become higher and higher, water treatment agents are also gradually required with the advantage of environmental protection. Sodium tungstate is a non-toxic and harmless inorganic corrosion inhibitor, which is expected to be popular in industrial circulating water.

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