Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten electrode is referred to as an electrode made of tungsten. It can be classified in accordance with the color of the electrode tip. There are a variety of tungsten electrodes.

Tungsten electrode is divided into various types such as pure tungsten electrode, thoriated tungsten electrode, cerium tungsten electrode, composite tungsten electrode, lanthanated tungsten electrode, and silver tungsten electrode, etc. It depends on whether rare earth additive is added or not.tungsten electrode picture
Some types of tungsten electrode are shown as follows:
1. Pure tungsten electrode is the earliest applied argon arc welding electrode, only as AC welding electrode or as resistance welding electrode.
2. Thoriated tungsten electrode is the earliest used rare earth tungsten electrode.
3. Cerium tungsten electrode is the earliest non-radioactive tungsten electrode products in China with excellent arcing performance under low current. And it requires small pilot arc current.
4. Composite tungsten electrode is added with two or more kinds of rare earth oxides (REO).
5. Lanthanated tungsten electrode has good welding performance, and its conductivity is the closest to 2% thoriated tungsten electrode’s.
6. Silver tungsten electrode has the characteristics of good weldability and corrosion resistance.

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