Zirconiated Tungsten Electrode

Zirconiated tungsten electrode is the electrode of tungsten containing small amount of zirconium oxide (ZrO2). There are two grades including WZ3 and WZ8. And their color signs are brown and white respectively.

During welding, pure tungsten electrode is easily self-melt to contaminate the work piece under high load conditions. W-Zr electrode is developed to improve this condition.zirconiated tungsten electrode picture
The W-Zr electrode is produced for AC welding as it retains a balled end for welding of aluminum and magnesium alloys, and has a high resistance to contamination. Not recommended for DC applications. It can produce an extremely stable arc that reduces the likelihood of tungsten spitting in the arc.

White zirconiated tungsten electrode handles higher amperage levels and work well with both transformer and inverter power sources, making it an excellent alternative to green pure tungsten electrode for magnesium and aluminum alloys.

Ground for maximum smoothness, annealed for ease of sizing, electrodes are 100% eddy current tested.

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