Silver Tungsten Electrode

Silver tungsten electrode is also called silver tungsten rod or silver tungsten bar. It has the advantages of high melting point, high hardness, easy cutting performance, high conductivity, good wear resistance, nice resistance to welding and oxidation. The conductivity W-Ag electrode is even higher than that of tungsten copper alloy.

Silver tungsten offers the ideal combination of the conductivity of silver and the arc resistance of tungsten. The common seen grades of silver tungsten electrode are AgW30, AgW40, AgW50, AgW55, AgW60, AgW65, AgW70, AgW75, AgW80, and AgW85.silver tungsten electrode picture
Popular applications for silver tungsten electrode includes wiring harnesses in the electrical components of automobiles, line switches for battery packs, and electrical components for manufacturing lines of circuit breakers and electrical switches. It is also used in manufacturing processes for lithium ion batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries, as well as for welding battery tubs. Since silver does not readily react with iron and nickel, so that the silver alloy-based tungsten electrode is also used for welding SUS and nickel foils. Other applications include microelectronics, aerospace, aviation, and advanced metallurgy industries.

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