Tungsten Needle Electrode

Tungsten needle electrode may be used to replace ordinary electric knife to provide refined energy application for delicate procedures. Capable of cutting and coagulating at a lower wattage, the needle performs the same surgical procedures as a standard needle electrode with less thermal damage to the surgical site, providing a superior surgical outcome for the patient. Also, it can be used as an electrode material in argon arc welding, or as an instrument probe.tungsten needle electrode picture
Advantages of Tungsten Needle Electrode
1. Automatically control cutting quality by means of voltage regulation.
2. Excellent hemostatic properties of the cut.
3. Minimal necrosis and reproducible cutting quality.
4. No instrument adhesion to the tissue, therefore a more precise cutting profile.
5. Minimal carbonization, therefore an optimal cosmetic outcome.
6. Least possible mechanical stress to the lid tissue.

Therefore, it will contribute to the development of medical device materials, enrich the surface science of medical instruments and guide the clinical operation by studying the adhesion behavior of surface tissue on electric knife head (high-frequency minimally invasive tungsten needle electrode V.S. stainless steel glaive).

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