Tungsten Electrode Holder

Tungsten electrode holder is also called tungsten needle holder, tungsten rod clip or tungsten clip, which is applied to clamp electrode to avoid falling during welding. Generally speaking, the electrode holder is used in a jacket, flow guide or copper head.

Tungsten electrode holder is divided into two parts, clamp and jacket, both of which are made of tungsten. They can be applied in combination. Also, clamp can be used alone.tungsten electrode holder image
The specification of tungsten electrode holder should be matched with the specification of tungsten electrode to make the electrode holder work. The common seen specifications of tungsten electrode are Ø1.6mm, Ø2.4mm and Ø3.2mm. Therefore, the electrode holder is produced according to these specifications. Special specifications can also be customized such as Ø4.0mm, Ø6.0mm, and Ø8.0mm, etc.

Besides, the electrode holder can also be manufactured using chrome-plated brass or copper as raw material. Copper, with strong resistance to deformation and conductivity, is suitable for machining electrode holder as such metals can be produced by heat treatment, or by the combination of cold deformation and heat treatment.

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