Barium Tungsten Electrode

Barium tungsten electrode may be manufactured via powder injection molding (PIM) process with homogeneous microstructure and good electron emission performance, which has been successfully applied in high power xenon flash lamps and pump lamps for laser.

Compared with conventional tungsten electrode wound with tungsten wire, barium tungsten electrode for high pressure gas discharge lamps is produced using PIM process to form electrode with complex shapes, allowing designers to design electrode shape in accordance with the function of electrode.barium tungsten electrode image
PIM is the abbreviation of Powder Injection Molding. As an emerging technology for manufacturing three-dimensional complex shapes of metal or ceramic parts, it has the features of high volume, high efficiency, low cost and high performance.

In recent years, the application of PIM process in manufacturing small-sized, complex-shaped tungsten parts has received increasing attention by scientific researchers and suppliers. This type of part is generally used as a functional part at high temperature. And there are not so severe requirements on high temperature strength and fatigue performance.

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