Tungsten Alloy Teardrop Fishing Weight

Tungsten alloy teardrop fishing weight has excellent performance and unique structure, which greatly improves the success rate of fishing and becomes the best choice for fishing sinkers. It is popular among anglers.

Tungsten alloy teardrop fishing weight is produced with clean metal tungsten alloy as raw material, which is non-toxic and non-polluting. It meets international environmental protection standards. Its specific gravity (>18g/cc), so it can resist strong wind; it has high density, small size, light water, which sinks quickly. It is the best alternative to lead fish and sinker.

tungsten alloy teardrop fishing weight pictureThe size and weight of the tungsten alloy teardrop fishing weight should be matched with the fishing line and hook. Thick lines and thick hooks with thick pendants; fine lines and fine hooks with fine sinkers. The distance between the fishing sinker and the hook is generally 1 inch or 1 inch.

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