Tungsten Flux

Tungsten flux is tungsten granule, which is also called tungsten accelerator. It can be used as a fluxing agent for the determination of carbon and sulfur. In the determination of C&S by burning method, some fluxes need to be added into the sample to fully oxidize carbon and sulfur.

The flux is to provide the sample with heat to oxidize, change the melting characteristics, stabilize the combustion process, and cover the sample to prevent splashing. Choosing an appropriate fluxing agent and controlling its amount will accelerate the oxidation and fusion of sample, thereby increasing the release rate of carbon and sulfur to improve measurement accuracy.tungsten flux picture
Tungsten, tin and other metal fluxes are used in high frequency induction furnaces to achieve good combustion. In recent years, China has introduced a amount of infrared carbon-sulfur analyzers, mostly equipping with high-frequency induction furnaces to melt samples. At present, a large number of fluxes used are pure tungsten granule, tungsten granule + tin granule, tungsten granule + pure iron granule, and tungsten granule + tin granule + pure iron granule. The latter three types are used to melt refractory metal and non-metallic samples.

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