Black Tungsten Wire

Black tungsten wire means the tungsten wire that has not been processed by cleaning. And it was found that the "black" on the surface was formed by the adhesion of graphite and tungsten oxide. Graphite acts as a lubricant for the drawing process. Tungsten oxide on the surface is generated using natural gas or electricity to heat the tungsten wire.

The cleaned black tungsten wire, i.e., tungsten wire, has the characteristics of good electrical and thermal conductivity, high melting point and good ductility. It can be used as an atomizer to replace graphite furnace atomizer for atomic absorption spectroscopy tungsten wire picture
Why choose tungsten wire atomizer but not graphite furnace atomizer?
Here are some of the reasons:
1. Tungsten wire has the advantages of low cost, low energy consumption, and easy availability. While the price of graphite tube is much more expensive.
2. Compared with graphite furnace, tungsten wire on the requirements of temperature rise power is much simpler and even automotive battery can supply power to the tungsten atomizer.
3. In addition, the heating rate of tungsten wire is much higher than the graphite furnace.

Tungsten wire atomizer undoubtedly has the most extensive application although the atomizer can be other geometric shapes, such as tungsten boat, tungsten tube, etc.

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