Stranded Tungsten Wire

Stranded tungsten wire is bright silver gray and uniform in color. And there is no visible contaminant, obvious burrs, cracks, and oxidation phenomenon on the surface. The monofilament has no breakage, and the spiral coil is slightly elastic. Besides, it can be used to evaporate pure aluminum wire with a life of more than 12 heats.

Stranded Tungsten Wire Application
It can be used as a resistance heater for mirror making, aluminum film evaporation, and electric vacuum, electronic device or plastic evaporation of aluminum or other metal.stranded tungsten wire picture
Classification of Stranded Tungsten Wire
There are JW, JWL and JWW. And their stranded forms are different.

Dimension Tolerance of Stranded Tungsten Wire
1. The deviation of inner diameter is ± 0.5mm;
2. The deviation of length is ±2mm;
3. The deviation of lead length (≤10mm) is ±1.5mm;
4. The deviation of lead length (10~20mm) is ±2mm;
5. The deviation of lead length (≥20mm) is ±3mm.

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