Gold Plated Tungsten Rhenium Wire

Gold plated tungsten rhenium wire is a gold coated wire with high tensile strength, which is even stronger than gold coated tungsten wire.

The gold plated tungsten rhenium wire has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and good oxidation resistance. More importantly, it has excellent corrosion resistance, and therefore it can be used as a thermal element for thermal conductivity cell detector (TCD).gold plated tungsten rhenium wire picture
Gold is insoluble in acid or alkali. And it will not be directly oxidized under any circumstances. The surface of tungsten wire is evenly plated with a layer of gold, so that the surface of the plated tungsten wire also has the characteristics of gold. And this type of thermal element remains gold surface in high humidity (about 95%) for fourteen months, while its resistance value does not change.

Why not use platinum wire as a thermal element in TCD? Although the platinum wire has good corrosion resistance, it is difficult to form the shape of the thermal element and the cost is high for mass production.

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