EB Tungsten Filament

EB tungsten filament, the short for electron beam tungsten filament, is a filament for an electron gun as its name suggests, which is mainly used to emit electron beams. And the electron gun can be used as a medical accelerator for the radiation therapy device.EB tungsten filament picture
There are several common seen EB tungsten filaments, such as mosquito coil shaped EB filament, centerless mosquito coil shaped EB filament, S shaped EB filament, arch shaped EB filament, L door shaped EB filament, door shaped EB filament, double hook EB tungsten filament, linear EB tungsten filament, spiral EB tungsten filament, bottle shaped EB tungsten filament, double hook door shaped EB tungsten filament, and so on. They are small in size. And most of them are with the same size of thumb figure or even smaller.

The ionizing radiation of the medical accelerator is generated by transforming the electron beam, which is provided by the accelerating tube of its core parts. And the electron beam in the accelerating tube is emitted by the electron gun. In other words, the electron gun is one of the major parts of the medical accelerator.

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