Vacuum Plating Tungsten Wire

Vacuum plating tungsten wire means the tungsten wire that can be applied for electroplating under vacuum conditions. There are door shaped tungsten wire, wave shaped tungsten wire, and so on.

Vacuum plating tungsten wire is the main material for tungsten heater, which has the characteristics of high melting point and strong resistance to corrosion so that it is mainly applied as a heating element for vacuum coating in mirror making, picture tube, toys and household appliance, etc. While the uniformity of coating during vacuum evaporation can be improved by electrodepositing Cr on the surface of tungsten wire. Chromium plating occupies an extremely important position in the electroplating industry. The chrome coating is not only used as a decorative layer, but also used in a large number of dingal plating layers.vacuum plating tungsten wire picture
In recent years, chromium has been increasingly applied in vacuum evaporation as its reflective capability is only slightly inferior to silver, but the cost is far lower than that of silver. Also, the chrome-plated surface has excellent resistance to strong oxidation, so that chromium is of great significance in large area vacuum evaporation.

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