Stamping Tungsten Crucible

Stamping tungsten crucible means the tungsten crucible that is produced by stamping process, which has the advantages of good surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, high material utilization, light weight, simple producing process, high production efficiency and low cost. However, the quality of this type of tungsten crucible is not stable.stamping tungsten crucible Chinatungsten picture
Producing Process of Stamping Tungsten Crucible
1. Blend the tungsten plate into a certain angle or bend the blended workpiece again.
2. Press it into any hollow shape by mould, or bend the hollow mould workpiece further deformation.
3. Fold the hole or the outer edge of tungsten plate into a straight wall by mould.
4. Force an outward radial force on the hollow member by mould to expand the local diameter.
5. Press the outside-in radial pressure on the hollow member to narrow the local diameter.
6. Put the bloom into the die cavity; squeeze it out from the gap of mould to form the hollow or solid workpiece.
7. Roll the panel into a ball peen whose shape approximate to a close one.
8. Press the bended or stretched workpiece into a right W-boat shape.

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