Fish Shape Tungsten Alloy Jig

Fish shape tungsten alloy jig has excellent special properties and is the most advanced fish sinker in the market today. It is very popular in the market and is popular among anglers.

The main production material for fish shape tungsten alloy jig is tungsten alloy. It is non-toxic and non-polluting, which does not damage the environment and harm the human body. Its hardness is second only to diamond. Compared with the lead weight of the same weight, the fish shape tungsten alloy jig is 25% smaller than the lead sinker. It is more sensitive, making it easier for anglers to see the underwater situation.

fish shape tungsten alloy jig pictureFish shape tungsten alloy jig with a higher density can dive deeper and catch large fish. Chinatungsten Online is a professional tungsten alloy producer and seller that can produce high quality fish shape tungsten alloy jig products.

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