Tungsten Alloy Mormyszka Fishing Weight

Tungsten alloy Mormyszka fishing weight, also known as tungsten alloy Marmooska fishing weight, is a fishing sinker for ice fishing. Due to the special nature of the fishing environment, it is mostly made into a sphere shape or a drop shape in order to attract fish hooks, playing an extremely important role in ice fishing.

tungsten alloy mormyszka fishing weight pictureTo fish in countries or places where rivers are frozen, or in simulated ice fishing artificial ponds that are cold, tungsten alloy mormyszka fishing weight is generally used for ice fishing. It can help anglers get a good performance. The stability of tungsten alloy mormyszka fishing weight is not easily changed by changes in outside temperature. At the same time, it is non-toxic and especially suitable for use in the ice environment, which is the best choice for ice fishing pendulous sinker.

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