Sintered Tungsten Bar

Sintered tungsten bar may be produced by indirect-heated way to sinter under uniform temperature conditions using medium-frequency induction sintering furnace as an important piece of producing equipment. Compared with vertical sintering method, the quality of tungsten bar prepared by indirect sintering method is improved with excellent energy-saving effect. And this type of tungsten bar can be used for the preparation of tungsten wire.

Medium-frequency induction sintering furnace adopts tungsten tube as heating element, and zirconium oxide as insulation material. The two parts constitute the sealed body. The heat generated by the electric energy is surrounded by the sealing body and is concentrated in the middle of the furnace to sinter the tungsten bar. The furnace can keep the temperature field uniform.sintered tungsten bar Chinatungsten picture
The tungsten billet produced by medium frequency induction sintering furnace has the following characteristics:
1. The horizontal and vertical properties of tungsten bar can be consistent with uniform and fine microstructure.
2. The density of both ends of billet is not very different from the rest, so there is no need to cut it.
3. The processing performance is good with higher yield.
4. Not only can it ensure the stability of quality, but more importantly it can save resources and play an important role in environmental protection.

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