Tungsten Rod

Tungsten rod can be sintered tungsten rod or forged tungsten rod, whose surface may be ground.tungsten rod picture
Forging and Annealing Test on Pure tungsten bar
Sample Preparation
Raw material: Pure tungsten powder with particle size of 2.01μm.
The Ф50mm tungsten rods were obtained by isostatic pressing and intermediate frequency sintering. Then, these samples were forged and drawn to obtain the tungsten rods with diameter of 23mm.
According to the difference in the average forging ratio, three types of forging processes were set: 23%, denoted as 1#; 27%, denoted as 2#; 32%, denoted as 3#.
Among them, the 1# process is: Forge one end of the rod, and then heat it in the furnace; the other end is processed in a similar way. The 2# or 3# process is: Forge one end of the bar, and then forge the other end at once.

The heating temperature during forging process is 1450°C and it is kept for 25 minutes. Annealing temperatures were set at 1300°C and 1350°C, and annealing times were 30min and 60min.

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