Spot Welding Tungsten Rod

Spot welding tungsten rod means the tungsten rod is specifically designed for spot welding. As the electrode of spot welding machine, tungsten rod has the characteristics of good high-temperature strength, excellent creep resistance, nice heat conduction, electrical conductivity and electron emission performance, thereby it can improve the temperature of the welding spot and avoid cold solder joint, and therefore, it improves the welding quality, reduces the defective welding tungsten rod Chinatungsten picture
In the traditional spot welding machine, copper rod is used as the electrode. Although the copper rod has excellent properties such as high purity, fine structure and low oxygen content, it makes the temperature of the welding point lower, resulting in cold solder joint, and affecting the quality of welding finally.

Spot welding is a process in which contacting metal surfaces are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current.

Chinatungsten Online provides a variety of spot welding tungsten rod with different specifications according to your requirements.

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